Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is Demon Acres really scary?

A: Yes. It's the scariest place in NY.


Q: Why is it so cheap?

A: Not everyone can afford a high priced ticket to see a haunted house. We would like everyone to be able to

     experience the thrill of Demon Acres, so our prices are the lowest around, but our attraction is ranked among the

     best in the country.


Q: Is there smoking since your attraction is outdoors?

A: No smoking on hayride or in the haunted house.


Q: Do you serve alcohol?

A: No and we don't allow any on the grounds including the parking lot.


Q: Can I come to your attraction in a costume?

A: Yes but nothing covering your face (no masks) and no heels.


Q: Do you offer concessions?

A: Yes we have a full menu and beverages as well